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Music by Pixies
The Vomiting Man aka De Braakman - © miene 2020 -
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Hurray! The Vomiting Man is helping to choke the virus.

Hurray! The Vomiting Man
is helping to choke the virus.

If you want to have a good time, don't invite The Vomiting Man*. If you want to organize a brainstorm, don't involve The Vomiting Man. If you want to {whatever} don't {ever} The Vomiting Man. He's a middle-aged man with an extraordinary level of intelligence. An expert on any subject. That's what he's convinced of anyway. There is no greater life coach than the Vomiting Man. He knows how the world works, he knows how people think and why they act as they do. He has a very clear opinion on social matters, politics, policymakers, justice, health, nature, and so on and so forth ... and he has the inevitable urge to impose that opinion to anyone, anytime, anywhere. Nevertheless The Vomiting Man is assertive. He'll always take the initiative. Simply because he thinks his ideas are best and everyone else is too incompetent to execute them as good and complete as he can. But in his mind he means well. He protects others from failing. He does what he does in everyone's interest. And people avoid him and hold their tongues in his presence. His apathetic nature understands perfectly. It's so much better to let him do the talking or take the action. Here comes your man, here comes The Vomiting Man.

(*) The Vomiting Man is inspired on De Braakman, the former estuary of the Western Scheldt in Zeelandic Flanders, near the villages of Biervliet and Hoek in the municipality of Terneuzen. Of course in this context 'braak' means 'waste land'. But when we came to live in the region and I heard of the name, I knew one day I was going to make a character out of it. And so I have and I must admit I'm quite fond of his personality. Perhaps because there's a little bit of Braakman inside of me. So now ... a (web)comic?

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Miene (Maga) Zine en MAG zijn e-zines van Miene. Terwijl Miene (Maga) Zine een ludieke brug maakt tussen grafiek en reclame, is MAG is eerder expressief werk waarbij gevoel en beleving centraal staan.
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